Join the Crowdsourcing Sustainability Community!

Our free community is a co-creative space. Our goal is to embody the true meaning of community, where everyone is valued, supported, and encouraged to share their unique gifts. We believe this will help maximize our impact and make our collective experience the best it can be.

When you join the CS Community you are joining people across the world who care deeply about the climate crisis and are committed to acting to create positive change. This community is a place to learn and grow together, to connect with people who share your care and commitment, and to take meaningful action together.

Whether you’re new to the climate space and want to find your place in it, have a project that you need support bringing to life, or are a seasoned climate worker who’s ready to support others on their climate journey – the Crowdsourcing Sustainability Community is for you!

By joining the CS Community you receive access to:

  • An ever-growing Resource Library. Access to a ton of free resources, practices, tools, and guides to support you in all aspects of your climate journey.
  • Monthly live community events and access to the full library of event recordings.
  • Weekly ways to engage in community and expand your climate knowledge and action, including prompts, reflection questions, challenges, discussions, action invitations, and more.
  • A Community Directory + Map. This is a networking dream come true! See who’s doing what and connect with the right people for you. This directory allows you to search by location, specific skills, experiences, interests, organizations, etc so that you can find the right people at the right time on your climate journey.
  • Project collaboration and support. Got a climate project you’re working on? Or one you’ve had in the back of your mind for ages but haven’t known how to get started or connect with people who can help you? Our Community allows you to share your project and let people know exactly what you need so you can actively collaborate and mutually support each other.
  • Community Discussion Forums. Start a discussion with your fellow community members to get their ideas, perspective, or resources on a particular topic. Or, join a discussion that’s already happening and contribute your knowledge and perspective!
  • Climate Journey Paths. We’ve created a high-level framework to help you locate yourself on your climate journey, and we’ve curated resources specific to the questions and explorations of that phase of the journey. It’s kind of like a “mini course” that you can move through at your own pace throughout your time in the CS Community!

Our vision for this space is that it sparks your imagination for what is possible in our climate action and impact, and that is tangibly supports you to collaborate and bring ideas, projects, and relationships to life. See you in there!