Get a Home Energy Audit!

…even if you got one several years ago

Home energy audit

Schedule a home energy assessment if you haven’t recently (or ever) to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

We did one this winter and reaped immediate benefits including:

  • Over $350 worth of LED lights, programmable thermostats, and smart power strips.
  • The assessment for free, which is normally $175.
  • $350 of estimated annual energy savings.

We also got recommendations for further action such as better insulation, which we then did for 50% off thanks to the assessment.

Not only do these changes significantly lower our energy costs, but also our carbon footprint. Not a bad deal. Plus, it was super easy!

Depending on where you live, this could all be free or heavily discounted like it was for us. You can do this whether you live in an apartment or house. Here’s a well-written walkthrough of what the assessment is like. And here are the DOE’s suggestions to get started…if you’re in MA use Mass Save.

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