Clean Energy Job Growth is Taking Off

Clean Energy Job Growth

The latest energy jobs report shows there are nearly 3.2 million Americans with clean energy jobs in 2017, outnumbering fossil fuel jobs 3 to 1.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • There are now as many clean energy workers as there are school teachers in the US.
  • There are as many energy efficiency workers alone (a subsection of clean energy jobs) as there are waiters and waitresses in the US.
  • More Americans now work in clean energy than work in the agriculture, real estate, investment banking, and the entertainment, media, and sports industries combined.
  • Solar jobs grew 9x faster than the rest of the US economy.
  • US solar workforce has increased 168% in the last seven years.
  • Solar energy alone employs nearly 4 times the number of workers in coal generation.
  • Wind technicians and solar installers are predicted to be the two fastest-growing jobs from 2016-2026.

Check out the full report here (has some solid infographics).

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