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by | January 17, 2023

I just wanted to send a quick note to thank everyone for all of your support to end 2022.

We really appreciate you helping us to finish the year on a high note!

More specifically…

A huge thank you to the 120+ people who took the time to fill out our . Your feedback is extremely helpful and will enable us to make CS more valuable for everyone, create an impact report, and raise more funds so we can keep CS going strong.

And another massive thank you to the everyone who supported Crowdsourcing Sustainability financially. Together, you $16,755 since October, all of which will be doubled or tripled.

Your support makes this work of educating, inspiring, and empowering thousands of people around the world to act on climate possible.

So again, a big thank you to our recent supporters:

Aaron Vazquez, Agata Saitta, Aldís Elfarsdóttir, Allard Pieter Mosk, Ana Ivkov, Anne O’Brien, ANNIE OPUDA, Ariel Hoover, Arthur Gavrilles, Beth Marsters, Betsy Franco Feeney, Brendan Ware, Brian Galvin, Brian Israel, Brian O’Keefe, Bruce Karney, Camila Agner, Chris Meyer, Chuck Tomaselli, Colin Evans, Conor Regan, Curt Davidson, Dan H, David Tebbe, Deb Matherly, Donna & William Vello, Doris Hagen, Doug Schneider, Dustin Hecker, Elias Gabriel, Elizabeth Bagley, Elizabeth Galvin, Elizabeth Lynch, Emily Kehmeier, Eric Lowenstein, Florent Buisson, Franziska Elmer, Gloria Barnett, Greg Angel, Gregg Servheen, Hans Hagen, Herman Gyr, Jack Kinlan, Jackie Giovanniello, James Little, Jane Conner, Jeff Battles, Jeff Szot, Jill Kubit, Joe D, Jonathan Cloud, Joy Kubit, Judy Campbell and Jay Delaune, Julius Wiebe, Lara Scott Bosley, Laurie Watt, Mary Jan Greene, Matt Daly, Matt Neckes, Matthew Alfano, MB and JP Mittaz, Melissa Capria, Michael Galvin, Michael Moran, Michele Liziero, Mike Kennedy, Monica Warren, Mordie Weintraub, Nancy & Glenn Shapiro, Nancy Richter, Nicholas Weber, Nicole Amidon, Pat Ferrone, Patrick and Rachel, Peg Galvin, Peter Gould, Peter Hellwig, PJ Mensel and family, Raja Ratnam, Ravi Mikkelsen, Robert Connors, Rosella Sabatini, Roy Russell, Ryan Hagen, Sam Dushay, Silje Rodahl, Susan Zugaib, Thanika Amnuayskul, Timothy Nolan, Tom Atkinson, Tyler Hagen, and several more people who donated anonymously.

I’m so grateful for everyone and excited about the future of CS – especially the community launching soon. We’ll finally have a space for everyone that is made for community.

You’ll be able to easily connect with amazing people where you live or around the world, collaborate, share your projects, and, ultimately, we will increase our collective impact as a community. I hope to see you in there when it launches on January 25. And make sure to give Rachel a big thank you once you’re in there for all the amazing work she has done to get this space ready for you 🙂

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