Wind Energy to be the Cheapest Energy Globally by 2030

wind energy cheapest by 2030

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen

The future of wind energy is very bright – and for good reason!

Wind provides about 4% of the world’s electricity today. According to Project Drawdown’s most conservative scenario (yet still vigorous), wind could rise to 22% of the world’s electricity by 2050 and reduce emissions by 85 gigatons (85 billion tonnes). To break that down, 1 gigaton weighs the same as 400,000 Olympic size swimming pools of water…so 85 of those is a lot of greenhouse gases prevented from entering the atmosphere. Not only that, but using highly conservative estimates, the wind turbines would deliver $7.4 trillion in net operational savings over the next three decades while costing just $1.2 trillion to implement.

Wind is the cheapest source of new electricity today in the US and is expected to be the cheapest globally by 2030 excluding subsidies. (According to Goldman Sachs and Bloomberg respectively)


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