Take a Look at Your Carbon Footprint

Yawn, I know.

But if you’re serious or even just curious about minimizing your personal footprint, you need to know what your footprint is in the first place right?

That way you can figure out which actions to take that are the easiest and most effective for reducing your personal footprint.

You can get an estimate in less than a minute by putting in your zip code if you live in the US by using Berkeley’s calculator.

Carbon footprints vary greatly so it’s useful to know what yours looks like. For example, if you fly more than once a year, it will be a much bigger part of your footprint than what’s shown below. For those of you who really don’t want to look it up, here’s a chart of the average American’s 19 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

Average Carbon Footprint in the US (tonnes CO2e)Shows tonnes of CO2e. Data from Berkeley’s calculator.

If you’d like a more in-depth, holistic review of how to help reverse global warming, check out my piece, How to Help Stop Climate Change.

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