Record-Breaking Heat is the New Normal

17 of the 18 hottest years on record have occurred since 2001. The 18th was just a few years earlier in 1998.

The last four years are the hottest of the bunch.

2018 looks like it will make our last five years the hottest five ever recorded.

And experts are claiming the records won’t slow down anytime soon. A new, more accurate short-term forecasting methodology predicts the next 5 years will be unexpectedly hot – above and beyond the expected effects of global warming.

Shockingly, if you are 53 years old or younger you’ve never experienced a cooler-than-average month (baseline temperatures of 1881-1910).

…yet people are more likely to know about the Boston Red Sox’s hot streak than they are our planet’s.

We all need to keep pitching in to right this ship!


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