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by | June 12, 2020

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We’re living through a critical moment in time.

You can feel it.

COVID-19 and a policeman murdering George Floyd have shaken the US to its core. It is impossible for nearly anyone to continue ignoring the country’s massive inequalities and injustices.

White people are finally listening, learning, and speaking up en masse. The deadly status quo is finally being questioned. Our priorities and values are being re-examined. More people are waking up and getting active for the first time.

But this moment won’t last forever. So, as challenging as these times may be, we have to make the most of it while it’s here.

Millions of people are in the streets around the world. Trillions of dollars of recovery packages will be invested in the coming year.

What society collectively decides to do in the coming days, weeks, and months will have an outsized impact in shaping the decades to come.

We have to keep doing what we can to move the needle in the right direction – towards racial and climate justice.

So keep speaking up. Keep organizing. Keep doing what you can to help – whatever that may be.


A few weeks ago I was invited onto the 1bytelephant show to nerd out on sustainability – shout out to my new friends over in Dubai for having me on 🙂

In 15 minutes we cover:

  • The need for real corporate action on climate.
  • How climate solutions are public health solutions.
  • COVID-19’s impact on emissions and behavior trends going forward.
  • Big picture perspective on the climate crisis.
  • What we can do about it.

So if you’re intrigued definitely check it out!

I hope you’re taking care of yourself and each other in these challenging times.


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