Jean-Pierre Goux and Michaël Boccara

Bringing the overview effect to people around the world with videos of Earth from space

Jean-Pierre-Goux - co-founder of Blueturn


Michaël Boccara

Michaël Boccara co-founder of Blueturn

Jean-Pierre Goux and Michaël Boccara are the founders of (which they do on top of their regular jobs). Blueturn aims to generate a new enthusiasm for the protection of our planet thanks to the overview effect. The overview effect is a mindset-shift experienced by most astronauts as they look at the Earth from outer space. They are transformed to having a new profound love for the Earth and a deep feeling of oneness with others and life in general.

In 2016 Jean-Pierre and Michaël made it possible for people to see videos of the whole Earth from space for the first time ever by stitching together static pictures from NASA’s DSCOVR satellite (even NASA was impressed). They share these videos freely in hopes that they will evoke a similar mindset-shift for those who see them. Like the mesmerizing video of Earth below, the video on the Crowdsourcing Sustainability homepage (desktop only) is their handy work in action!

If this is up your alley, I highly recommend this twenty minute “short movie” called Planetary. It is a series of interviews of astronauts discussing the overview effect with awesome shots of Earth from space. Jean-Pierre’s Ted Talk is also pretty sweet (you may have to turn on English subtitles).

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