Most effective climate actions. And a directory to connect around them!

by | November 12, 2021

I just finished my 30th lap around the sun this week!

And I’m trying to convince myself this will be the best decade. So if you have any sage advice on how to make that happen, please do share it 🙂

What I have for you today:

  • Top 12 Climate Actions.
  • We’re launching the Crowdsourcing Sustainability Climate Action Directory! Will you please fill out this form to join it so you can find/connect with others on similar paths in this community? It’ll also help us get better at supporting you on your climate journey!

Some of the most effective climate actions you can take

There are thousands of things you can do to help reverse global warming. They all help and are worth doing.

But we also have limited time (both as individuals in our daily lives, and as a society to transform this destructive system before it’s too late).

And not all climate actions are equal in terms of their impact.

As Bill McKibben says:

“The most important thing an individual can do is be less of an individual. Join together with other people in movements large enough to affect changes in policy and economics that might actually move the system enough to matter. You can’t do it one light bulb, one vegan dinner at a time anymore. You should do those things and do them for a whole variety of reasons like they’re the morally right thing to do and they’re going to save you money, and they’re going to make you more healthy…But don’t do them expecting that by doing them you’ve somehow done your duty.
What we need you to be is effective citizens moving policy. Citizenship has not been the thing we’ve been best at in this country in recent years and we’re paying the price in a number of places. But the most obvious probably, and the most long term damage, is what we’re doing to the physical systems of the Earth.
So that’s my sense of things. Movements are, history would indicate, the one way we have of standing up to unjust, entrenched power.”

Essentially, from now on, we need to be organizing with others and doing everything we can to ensure that all of the policy and investment decisions being made where we live and work are compatible with science-based emissions pathways.

We have to get the institutions, organizations, and communities we’re a part of to zero emissions as quickly and as equitably as possible.

That’s why I believe these are some of the most effective actions you can take:

I wanted to plant these seeds as food for thought. And share it with you now because these actions are also featured in our new Climate Action Directory. We want to know which of these you’re working on, have done, and want help with so we can get better at supporting you and help make more connections within the community!

Crowdsourcing Sustainability’s Climate Action Directory

The Crowdsourcing Sustainability community is full of amazing people doing all sorts of fantastic climate work (or trying to figure out where best to plug in!).

Several of you have asked us to create a directory so that people are able to find and connect with each other based on location, profession, interests, and/or climate actions that you’d like to give or receive help on.

And we think this is brilliant.

So, please fill out this form to be listed in and have access to the directory! Doing so will help everyone to find the specific people we need to and enable us to start giving and receiving help from each other more easily!

This, in turn, will help accelerate the fantastic climate solutions that y’all are working on around the world, and multiply our collective impact!

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