Lucy Sherriff

Lucy Sherriff

I met Lucy at a climate change event in Boston last fall during HUBweek. We created a group to discuss what it’s like talking to people about climate change and how it can be done better.

Lucy is a freelance journalist covering social justice, environmental justice, and women. She can seemingly do everything: articles, interviews, documentaries, breaking news, etc. and has done work for The Huffington Post, The Atlantic, BBC, Greenpeace, TIME, PRI, and CNN.

My favorite work of hers is a 30-minute documentary where she goes down to Antarctica. You get to hear from all the passionate people on the expedition, see some beautiful shots, and learn more about Antarctica as it relates to climate change alongside Lucy – it’s quite authentic. If you’re going to watch, I recommend scrolling down and reading in between the ~ 5-minute videos, but you can also watch the 30 minutes in one chunk.

I’m looking forward to watching the 360 video project on deforestation in the Amazon that she’s currently working on (how cool is that?!?). You can follow Lucy on Twitter @sherrifflucy or Instagram @sherriff.lucy.


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“Strikes the perfect balance between smart, understandable, funny, and compelling.” – Jackie

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