Kathryn Kellogg

A leader in the zero waste movement

Kathryn Kellogg - Going Zero Waste

Kathryn is a professional actor who also happens to be helping to lead the zero waste movement on the side. Zero waste means sending nothing to a landfill. But don’t let that trip you up! It’s more of a direction than a realistic goal (at the moment). Nobody is really zero waste today, which Kathryn readily acknowledges. Her motto is “It’s not about perfection; it’s about making better choices.”

She has written over 300 blog posts and has reached over a million people through her work! She adds a nice personal touch blending in the changes of eating real food, living simply, and avoiding the use of harmful chemicals. Kathryn lives and shares a lifestyle that’s healthier for people and the planet. In doing so she helps and empowers others to start taking the little steps that ultimately add up to a massive impact. This is what drives her.

When asked what she’d put on a billboard she replied, “I’d rather put a sign on every trash can that asked ‘How long did you use it?’ ”

The following image is an extension of the typical “reduce, reuse, recycle” from her website, which I thought I’d point out in light of the “A” and “T” sections waste pyramid - refuse reduce reuse rot recycle landfill

If you’re interested, I recommend you check out this blog post to get a better idea of what zero waste is really all about (it’s bigger than just trash). I’d also recommend Kathryn’s post on “The Big Four” if you’re looking for specific steps to get started. To get a better feel for Going Zero Waste and Kathryn’s work, definitely check out her website, Youtube channel, or Instagram.


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