Invest in Sustainable Companies, Not Fossil Fuels

Sustainable Investing is better for your wallet, human health, safety, and the planet.

This tool from Fossil Free Funds allows you to see how much of your money in mutual funds and ETFs is invested in fossil fuels.

I was surprised to see just how many fossil fuel investments there were in a couple of the mutual funds from the 401k with my old company. I wish I knew about this tool a few years ago and, like it suggests, spoken up about my desire for my company to offer sustainable investment options rather than silently venting to myself about how even a cleantech company didn’t provide their employees with clean options.

So although the personal investments I have are quite sustainable, I’m now starting the process of figuring out what to move these old 401k funds into. If you want to hear about where I end up putting them, let me know. One ETF I already have money in is “ETHO”, which you can learn more about here.

I invest for the long-term and, as someone who knows a thing or two about climate change, understand that our society has to be off or nearly off of fossil fuels by 2050. That’s why I see fossil fuel companies not only as an investment that misaligns with my values but one that is risky from a financial performance perspective. Their business model is not viable in a world that sustains life.

To learn more about sustainable investing and why it’s an all-around smart decision, check out my post and conversation with the founder of a sustainable investment management fund that has a mission to build the world’s best sustainable investing solutions.


Disclaimer: I’m not a financial expert and this isn’t advice! Please do your own homework and make your own decisions 🙂

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