Introduction to Crowdsourcing Sustainability

by | June 22, 2018

Crowdsourcing Sustainability

People working together to crowdsource sustainability around the world.


I just have two things to mention this week because I think it’s important you know what to expect so we can stay on the same page. If you’re new and want to see what a typical What on EARTH?! email looks like, please do so here.


1. Email frequency

I will be sending What on EARTH?! emails a little less often, likely 2 or 3 times a month rather than every week.

After some thought, I’ve decided I need to allocate more time to a few of the big projects I’m working on to improve and grow the Crowdsourcing Sustainability movement (exciting interactive capabilities for the website, longer form content, social media presence, and SEO to name a few.)…If you know of anyone who is passionate about reversing climate change and may be interested in helping out, definitely let me know. For those who look forward to the weekly emails, I do intend to get back to that frequency – hopefully soon!


2. Crowdsourcing Sustainability and how What on EARTH?! emails tie in

If you’ve read the About or the Why & How page on the website, you may already know this, but not everyone has and I didn’t initially explain it in the intro email (since fixed) so here we go. Put simply:

Problem: Climate change is likely the biggest issue of our time. It is on track to cause severe devastation to life as we know it.

Solution: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions as quickly as possible. This will maximize the length and quality of life for people including us and our families…along with a ton of other beneficial outcomes.

Governments and corporations are starting to address the issue, but are doing so far too slowly to prevent the worst of climate change. The top down approach is important, but not enough. Crowdsourcing Sustainability works from the bottom up by activating the third and, when working together, most powerful grouppeople.


Crowdsourcing Sustainability is unleashing the power of people around the world to help reverse climate change.

Each one of us can be more mindful and do a little better in our sustainability efforts. How much, and what exactly, you want to do is totally up to you. We’ll all fall in different places on the spectrum which is expected and completely okay. Life is busy and people are different. We all just know that this is an important issue and intend to do what we can to help in whatever ways make the most sense to each of us.

Together, we are literally crowdsourcing more sustainability into the world. This is true even before taking the ripple effects of our actions into account which are proven to have a powerful effect on the people we know and even others we don’t.


What on EARTH?! emails

The emails are a way to spread awareness, give specific ideas for ways you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, drive engagement, and grow the movement. You may also find them useful insofar as they give a glimpse of the dramatic ways in which our world is rapidly changing. That info is valuable as it could help you to navigate the new world that we’re quickly stepping into (financially, career, safety, etc.) and take advantage of the opportunities it presents.

They’re an easy way to stay involved in the movement, learn, spread the word to others, and make sustainability easier!


In just two months, 200 people from 15 different countries have signed up for this email and judging from the notes I’ve received, they are resonating with people. Momentum is starting to build.

And of course, thank you so much for being a part of Crowdsourcing Sustainability and for anything and everything you’ve done to help. I truly appreciate it and am happy to have the privilege of writing to you!

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