Intro to What on EARTH?!

by | April 28, 2018

Earth from space - NASA. The only home we've ever known

“The only home we’ve ever known” – Carl Sagan


I want to give you a quick intro on how this will work because I could only explain so much in that little sign-up space.
My initial thought is to keep these emails brief, fascinating, and generally uplifting – while making sure they stay real. But this idea is fluid. I’m new to this whole thing and will always be trying to figure out how I can make it better for you. So I’ll definitely want to hear what you think!
Brief explanation of the sections:
Excellent – Noteworthy and exciting developments in our fight against climate change. Things that are going on and should be on your radar.
Awful – Same idea as above, but instead of exciting, this is the scary (but true) stuff that we should all be aware of.
Random quote – I really like quotes…and hope you like what I pick half as much as I do.
Take sustainable action – These are ideas. Some have a big impact, others a small one. Some will resonate with you and others won’t. They are just something to consider doing that would help you to be more sustainable. Take from it what you will!
Highlighting someone awesome – This one is fun! You’ll discover some really cool people and get to see all the different ways people are fighting climate change.
You’ll get your first “What on EARTH?!” email from me in a week or so – keep an eye out!

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“Strikes the perfect balance between smart, understandable, funny, and compelling.” – Jackie

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