We Are the Cause, and Therefore, We Must Be the Solution to Climate Change

Why we should act on climate change & resources for inspiration and action.

Climate change is happening because there are too many greenhouse gas emissions in our atmosphere.

We are the ones putting more and more of those emissions up there every day.

So, we also inherently have the ability to stop it from happening.

Each and every one of us. You and me.

We just have to do what we can now and figure out how to keep getting better going forward. Luckily, the information and tools we need to fight climate change already exist. It is now up to us, everyday people, to spread awareness and be the message by doing what we can to fight climate change – to build a sustainable society.

How quickly we become sustainable is what matters.

Reducing greenhouse gases saves and improves lives around the world.

The sooner we become sustainable, the better our world will be both today and tomorrow. Our world will be safer, cleaner, healthier, more equitable, and more people will have a chance to prosper. That also means you will have a better life and leave a better future for your kids.

But this can only happen if we decide that’s what we want and take action to make it a reality. It’s time for climate change to be humanity’s number one priority. It is more than worthy. The price of our inaction is too high in terms of human lives and future wellbeing. Who doesn’t want a safer, more equitable, prosperous, and overall better world?


If you read this entire six-part series, well done! I know it’s a lot to absorb, but it’s important to know where we stand. My next two posts are much more empowering and solution-oriented. Definitely Check ’em out!

In “Climate Change: Can One Person Really Make a Difference?” I explain why what we do (or don’t do) as individuals really does make a meaningful difference. After that, I outline what you can start doing to help create a better future in “How to Help Stop Climate Change”.


  1. Jacek

    I have already arrived at a similiar conclusion, before reading the above. It does however convince me my conclusions are correct and provide me with extra arguments to use when talking to people. Great work!

    • Ryan Hagen

      Thanks Jacek! I’m glad you found it useful with some new talking points – keep breaking that climate silence 🙂


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