How to decarbonize your city ASAP! (upcoming webinar)

by | March 25, 2022

Two quick ones for you this week!

  • CS webinar with two people leading the most ambitious local climate action plan in the US (decarbonizing Ithaca, NY by 2030 with a Green New Deal!)
  • Our first CS team podcast is now live.

Upcoming webinar: How to decarbonize your city ASAP

On Tuesday, April 5th at 4 pm ET, we are going to be spending time with a couple of people who are truly leading the charge in this space.

Luis Aguirre-Torres is in charge of implementing Ithaca, New York’s Green New Deal and decarbonizing the city by 2030.

This is the most ambitious target in the US. It’s also the most ambitious that I’m aware of in the world (if you know of others please do let me know!)

I recently saw Luis write:

“I can say, with absolute confidence, that we can, and we will, decarbonize the City of Ithaca by 2030. We have the vision, commitment and the support of great people and organizations.”

So, naturally, I invited Luis to join the CS community so we can learn from Ithaca’s experiences – so people everywhere can start replicating Ithaca’s successes to date and strategies going forward.

We’re also lucky enough to be joined by Rebecca Evans who was part of the Sunrise Movement and instrumental in getting Ithaca’s Green New Deal passed in the first place (she was naturally Luis’s first hire!)

(I won’t get into it here, but both Luis and Rebecca have extremely impressive backgrounds in this space)

The gist here is to learn:

  1. How to get your town to pass ambitious climate legislation.
  2. How to actually decarbonize your town or city once ambitious targets are set.

We’d love for you to join if you’re interested. We’ll start with ~45 minutes of CS’s typical interview format for Luis and Rebecca. And then we’ll have 30 to 45 minutes of Q&A so everyone tuned in can ask their specific questions.

Again, this webinar is happening on April 5th at 4 pm ET. If you’d like to join us, make sure to add it to your calendar!

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Also, please pass this event along to anyone else who would find it useful – the more the merrier!

CS Team Pod

Per the suggestion of our podcast and video editor, Diego Rentsch, I’m excited to share our first team podcast!


This is super informal, but we definitely had fun diving into some news stories as well as specific topics the team wanted to touch upon including the need to help and plan for climate migrants, the transition to clean energy, the lack of accountability from COP26 and politicians, and more.

Hope to see you at the webinar!

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