Helping your city reach carbon-neutrality (webinar) & electrifying everything

by | April 1, 2022

Just two quick ones for you today.

Reminder: webinar on how to decarbonize your city

CS decarbonize city webinar

On Tuesday, April 5th at 4 pm ET, we are hosting a webinar with two people who are in charge of the US’s most ambitious local climate action plan – transforming Ithaca, NY to carbon neutrality by 2030 with a Green New Deal.

This webinar is for you if you’d like to learn:

  1. How to get your town to pass ambitious, people-first climate legislation.
  2. How to actually decarbonize your town or city once ambitious targets are set.

They are taking a unique, innovative approach to getting this done, leveraging public and philanthropic funds to unlock large amounts of private capital at low or no cost to citizens. I hadn’t heard of this model before and think it’s definitely worth understanding any approaches we can take that may help us move faster at the local level.

We’d love for you to join if you’re interested. Or anyone you know who is working on this critical climate action. There will be time for Q&A at the end so please do come with any questions you have.

If you haven’t signed up or added it to your calendar yet, you can do so here!

Hope to see you there!

Saul Griffith’s plan to electrify everything

After reading and listening to Saul Griffith for some years now, I’m convinced he may know more about the US’s energy system than anyone else in the world.

In the following 25-minute video, Saul breaks down the “1 billion machines” that we need to focus on. Essentially, to meet any reasonable climate goals, whenever a machine that runs on fossil fuels breaks down or is retired, we need to replace it with its electric, more efficient counterpart (think of it as upgrading everything in your day-to-day life that runs on gas or oil).

Electrifying everything will have massive, under appreciated benefits such as creating millions of jobs, saving the average US household $2,500 per year, and making everything far more efficient (it often requires just 1/3 the amount of primary energy to power something with electricity compared to powering it by burning dead plants and animals).

I highly recommend you watch Saul’s section of the following video:

(Big thanks to Bruce out in California for putting this video on our radar!)

Okay…one more thing 🙂


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