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by | November 9, 2019

Today is my birthday. Or as I like to put it, I just finished my 28th lap around the sun!

I want to thank you all for helping to make 27 as special as it was. Your heartfelt notes, questions, collaboration opportunities, encouragement, and even just contributing to the crazy high open rate that this newsletter has by reading it really does make a world of difference to me 🙂

To be honest, I’m not one to make a big deal about my birthday (I’m an introvert and don’t like being the center of attention).

But I will gladly use it as an excuse to ask for a small gift 😀

The best gift you could give: Get your friends onto this newsletter!!

This is all I really want for my birthday haha.

And it’s not even about me really (although it does help with the chances that I can keep doing this). It’s more about contributing to our mission – to help reverse global warming as fast as we possibly can. And the more people who are aware, empowered, and activated, the better off we will be.

So please, forward your favorite newsletter or article on Crowdsourcing Sustainability to your friends and encourage them to sign up with the link at the bottom…or for the shortcut, just send me first names and emails (assuming they’re on board) and I’ll sign them up.

If it’s helpful at all, I typically describe it as:

“A weekly newsletter with the most important things to know about sustainability and the climate crisis.

And even better – the best things you can do to help!”

But I usually like how you all describe it better. One of my favorites: “You strike the perfect balance between smart, understandable, funny, and compelling.”

Right now there are over 800 people getting this newsletter from 50+ countries. And an additional 7,000+ receiving it on LinkedIn. We’re getting kind of big 🙂 Please help keep it going!

Crowdsourcing Sustainability


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“Strikes the perfect balance between smart, understandable, funny, and compelling.” – Jackie

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