Electric Car Trends: The Future is Closer than You Think

Electric car: future trends - Tesla

The electric vehicle revolution may play out faster than you think! This is huge as cars and trucks are responsible for 10% of greenhouse gases globally.

Cities and countries around the world are stepping up by banning sales, production, and even the presence of gas or diesel vehicles in the next two decades. Why? They intend to reduce pollution-related deaths, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, boost economic productivity, and make their cities both cleaner and quieter.

The following countries have said they will ban the sale of gas and diesel cars:

  • Norway (by 2030)
  • United Kingdom (by 2040, phaseout begins 2020)
  • India (by 2030)
  • France (by 2040, aiming for carbon neutrality by 2050)
  • Netherlands (by 2025)
  • China – has not set a date yet, but they make up 30% of the global car market

Where countries haven’t stepped up yet, cities have. The mayors of Los Angeles, Paris, Mexico City, London, Seattle, Milan, Quito, Cape Town, and Auckland have all pledged to ban gas and diesel cars from being allowed in “large parts” of their city centers by 2030 while Barcelona, Copenhagen, and Vancouver banned them outright by 2030. Copenhagen’s ban on diesel starts in 2019.

Automakers see the writing on the wall as well with many planning for an all-electric future.

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