Use That Bike!

The Enormous Health and Sustainability Benefits of Regular Cycling

Benefits of cycling

Did you know that biking is actually safer than driving? 

Yes, I was surprised too. Even though bikers are more likely to get in an accident on any given trip, they end up living longer on average thanks to their healthy habit. It adds up. There are many studies supporting it.

According to a 5-year study in the British Medical Journal, those who biked on their commute were 41% less likely to die than those who drove or took public transportation (the study looked at 260,000 people aged between 40 to 69 in the UK). Bikers were also 45% less likely to have heart disease or cancer. Nearly half of all deaths in the US are attributable to heart disease or cancer. Another study in the Netherlands concluded that every hour on a bike extends your life by about an hour.

70% of all car journeys could be made on a bike in less than 20 minutes. If the distance is short enough and you choose to bike, you’ll likely prevent 1 pound of CO2 from entering the atmosphere for every mile you go.

When you can, consider biking! It makes you healthier, saves you money on gas, extends the life of your car, helps save the planet, and you will feel great.

Plus, biking’s FUN (duh, that’s why kids do it).

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