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by | January 10, 2023

I hope you had a genuinely joyful and nourishing holiday season and a celebratory crossing of the threshold from one calendar year to the next. I know that the holiday season and the end/beginning of the year can be a challenging time for a lot of folks, so I hope you received the support and care you needed and are coming into the new year rested and ready for a new chapter.

We are stoked about what’s coming this year over here at CS! We are making some shifts to our processes and work flow in an effort to make them as smooth and enjoyable as possible, so that we can bring you our very best. It is our hope that all climate workers (and really, all people) are supported, resourced, and nourished by their work and the structure of their lives, and we are striving to lead by example.

Some New Year Changes at Crowdsourcing Sustainability

New Year, New Newsletter Rhythm!

We are making some changes to our newsletter process and rhythm to support all the pieces to flow a bit better. Our CS newsletters have historically arrived in your inbox on Fridays – from now on, CS newsletters will be delivered to your inbox on Wednesdays, while our LinkedIn version, “Leaders in Sustainability”, will go out on Thursdays.

The other shift in our newsletter is that we’ll be choosing a topic or theme to focus on each month and doing a deep dive into it. Throughout the month we’ll research and write about different angles on the topic, as well as host community events, and bring in guest experts. Our goal is to support a cohesive learning experience, and the development of a holistic and nuanced understanding of important climate issues and actions for all of us. We’re always open to your feedback on how this works for you so we can make it as useful and engaging as possible.

4 Day Work Week!

We are moving to a 4 day work week! Woohoo! Don’t get us wrong – we love our jobs. Truly. And, we’ve also been doing some reflecting and research on the many benefits of a 4 day work week. This includes some significant positive climate impacts! Companies all over the world have been trying it out, and it’s been a resounding success.

Ryan explored this topic in 2021 – you can read and watch here, or listen here!

Our intention is that this shift is another way in which we can align our action with our values. We believe that all people should have a fulfilling life outside of their work, with plenty of time to rest, play, be with loved ones, be creative, get outside, connect with community, and do all the things a life involves with spaciousness and support.

We know this is not the reality most of us live in. And we also know that we have the power to begin living into this future today, in whatever ways we can. We feel that this shift aligns with our Core Values of Love, Courage, Community, Justice, Growth Mindset, and Joy + Wellbeing and we’re excited to discover how it goes!

In moving to a 4 day work week, our commitment to you – to bringing you the best research, resources, and opportunities to learn, connect, and act – does not change. In fact, we think this shift will help us show up for you even better and deeper, and focus on the things that are most important and impactful. We are always open to your feedback! We hope you will join us in celebrating this shift.

The Crowdsourcing Sustainability Community is officially launching January 25th!

We are SO excited. We have been working away to design and build an awesome community platform to support deeper connection and collaboration for all of you amazing people. We know that these are the crucial ingredients for maximizing our collective impact and co-creating a safe, healthy, and just world for all.

We are really excited about the capabilities our new community platform offers us to connect with one another, work on projects together, share skills and knowledge, receive the wisdom of fellow community members, and deepen and expand on our climate journeys.

If you have been a member of the first iteration of our Slack community – thank you so much. Your support and participation was crucial in helping us learn, improve, and move to the next level in how we support you. We think this will be a huge upgrade, and we hope you do too!

This also means you will have a lot more community events to look forward to in 2023. ****We’ll be offering weekly opportunities to engage with one another, and monthly live events on all things climate change and building a better world 🙂

You will receive all of the info about how to join the new CS Community on January 25th, so in the meantime, sit back, relax, and get excited! Think about all the things you want to ask, learn, share, and collaborate on. This community is for you, and we can’t wait to see what you make it!

Wishing you a nourishing and fulfilling start to 2023, and looking forward to connecting with you in the new CS Community soon!


(and Ryan, and the CS Team!)

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