Conscious Consumerism: Buy Less (New) Stuff!

Get smart about shopping

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The products we buy often consist of materials sourced from various parts of the world which are transported to a manufacturing facility, processed, and then transported to get to you. A lot of emissions can go into that. Plus, there’s a lot of packaging material used throughout the supply chain and on the end product which could easily be waste as outlined above.

Now, I’m not saying anyone should deprive themselves or live a less fulfilling life in any way. I’m simply suggesting that we think carefully about what we buy because of the impacts it has. If you don’t actually need something or if you’re uncertain that it will bring you joy, is it really worth getting? Next time you’re thinking about buying something consider these ideas:

  1. Sleep on it for a day or two and ask yourself if you truly need or want it. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment, especially if we think we’re getting a good deal on something.
  2. When you decide to get something, rather than buying it, see if anyone you know has one they are willing to part with.
  3. Go to a thrift shop! There’s plenty of high-quality stuff to be found there.

Again, nobody is saying to stop buying stuff, or that you shouldn’t ever buy new stuff. You know what makes sense for you based on the situation. Just try to be mindful when you shop!

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