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by | May 15, 2020

Crowdsourcing Sustainability -People around the world helping to reverse climate change.


I’m excited to let you know that the Crowdsourcing Sustainability community finally has a place to connect and collaborate!!

Our platform is live. And I would love for you to:

  1. Read the quick manifesto below to see why this group exists, who it’s for, and what it’s all about.
  2. Join the group!
  3. Introduce yourself in the “intros” channel so we can get things going by learning about all the amazing people in this community.

(And, if you have time)

4. Add a profile picture and click “channel browser” to sign up for any topic-specific conversations you want to be a part of.

Before diving into the manifesto below, I’d just like to thank everyone who has given me feedback and advice for the group so far. And to let you know that I see this as a constantly evolving and improving community.

I want you to help me shape it – to make it as useful and stimulating as possible for you. And to make us, collectively, as effective as possible on our mission to help reverse global warming ASAP.

The Crowdsourcing Sustainability Manifesto

The climate crisis is the greatest challenge of our time.

It threatens the building blocks of society, the people we love, and the places we call home.

Science tells us that there’s an unimaginable amount of meaningful work to do.

And very little time to do it.

Yet the last 40 years have shown us that society’s systems and those in power are either incapable, unwilling, or straight-up against taking any serious action.

In other words, the status quo is deadly and nobody is coming to save us.

But this is not a throw up our hands and give up kind of situation.

Not for millions of people like you and me anyway who refuse to give up without a fight.

Because we are the last ones with a chance to do something about this before it’s too late.

You are needed.

We must:

  • Find the courage and determination to rise to this challenge.
  • Utilize everyone’s unique skills, connections, ideas, and points of leverage.
  • Collaborate as a team to help each other make the places we live and work climate-positive as quickly as possible.

Together, we have a chance not only to prevent unimaginable amounts of death and destruction, but to rebuild a world that is safer, healthier, and more just than the one we live in now.


Crowdsourcing Sustainability’s Community



To help reverse global warming as soon as possible by harnessing the collective ideas, knowledge, skills, resources, and energy of people around the world.

Who is this community for?

Whether you’re just starting your climate journey and figuring out where to plug-in, or you’re already in deep with various initiatives but want to level up the impact of your work, you are in the right place.

This is for people who:

  1. Want to maximize their impact.
  2. Want to connect with amazing people from around the world.
  3. Understand that everyone has value and that we are on the same team.

This is not for people who only want to share the latest news, complain, take, and have no intention to actually do anything. There are other places for that 🙂

This is a place for us to:

  • Connect.
  • Learn.
  • Share stories and resources.
  • Create.
  • Give and receive help.
  • Strategize, evolve, and multiply our impact by working together.

As Renee Lertzman said, “I am really scared. I don’t know what all the answers are…but here we are. We’re all needed. We’re in this together. And we can do this.”

I cannot wait to connect, hear your story, share best practices, empower each other, and figure out how we can all start multiplying our collective impact together.

Again, you can join the community here. Say hi in the “intros” channel.

And definitely let me know if you have any questions, feedback, ideas, or want to get more involved!

See you in there 🙂


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