Chris D’Agostino

Creative and catchy climate activism

Chris is just wrapping up his studies at Brandeis University where he majored in Neuroscience. He also happens to be a musician which led to this fun, clever, and catchy music video (it’s been in my head for days – in a good way) where he encourages people in Massachusetts to call their representative and help get a fantastic bill for our people, climate, and economy passed. He just released it last week. So far it has a few thousand views on Facebook and has been promoted by several non-profits. Take a look!

…pretty impressive right?

Chris got involved in the climate change movement shortly after the 2016 elections. All he could think about was climate change and the dangerous path our federal government was putting us on. So, he decided to do something. He made his first climate activism music video while studying abroad in Australia and has since been involved with Our Climate and Citizens’ Climate Lobby – both groups advocate for carbon pricing (Our Climate is for college students specifically).

Despite studying Neuroscience for the last four years, Chris is currently looking for work that will allow him to continue helping solve climate change.

Keep crushing it, Chris!

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