Call your representative!

You are more powerful than you think you are. Use that influence.


It will take you 5 minutes, it makes a difference, and you’ll be glad you did it.

I am encouraging you to do this today, especially if you live in MA because we have an opportunity to make a huge impact, but no matter where you live, this is something worth doing because 99% of districts and states aren’t moving fast enough to stop the worst of climate change.

The Massachusett’s Senate unanimously passed a fantastic, comprehensive bill to minimize our greenhouse gas emissions including carbon pricing and 100% clean electricity in the state by 2047. The house has until July 31st to act on it. They are on track to blow this golden opportunity. Please join me in giving them a kick in the butt.

I know it’s easy to be disenchanted with politics because, well…it’s seemingly dysfunctional and a lot of politicians suck. But at the end of the day, they make decisions that have a big impact on our future. And we, voters, are the ones who choose whether our representative stays in office or not based on what we think of their decision making. When we talk to them, they do hear us. Our opinions and voices are influential.

Quite frankly, I had never been very politically engaged. Sure, I voted in presidential elections, but that’s about it.

But I have picked it up recently to push for solutions on climate change because it matters that much. I was slightly nervous before my first call, but turns out it’s really easy, quick, and worth doing for the experience if nothing else if you’ve never done it before.

Here’s all you have to do:

1. Find your rep.

2. Take 30 seconds and game plan what you want to say.

  • The main thing here is to ask that they support legislation that is as ambitious as possible on reversing climate change.
  • Here’s a sample script.

3. You’re good to go – Make that call!

  • Give ’em hell! No, just kidding, don’t do that. Be respectful, clear, and firm with your ask…or whatever you feel is appropriate.
  • Say why this matters to you.
  • Stories are powerful if you can think of one.

4. If your Rep is fully on board, make a harder ask: “Will you talk with leadership and your less-committed colleagues to advocate for strong climate solutions?”

*Bonus points to anyone who calls Robert DeLeo (617-722-2500) or Jeffrey Sánchez (617-722-2990) because they have the power to get this done. Also if you know anyone in their districts (Winthrop or Jamaica Plain), please share this with them.

If you have any questions on this, or are interested in doing more, feel free to reply directly to this email!

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