“Biden is blitzing” & two questions for you

by | February 12, 2021

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Short one for you this week. And I’d love to hear what you think about the two questions in bold near the end!

The US is playing catch-up on climate action

It’s been hard to keep up with climate action in the US recently – a welcome change.

David Roberts (who has a new, excellent newsletter on energy and climate by the way) put together a summary of the initial executive orders on climate so far. I’ve listed the categories of climate orders below, but it’s worth reading the whole “Biden is blitzing” piece to start wrapping your head around what’s going on!

  • Foreign policy
  • Whole-of-government approach
  • Leverage government buying power and fossil-fuel footprint
  • Infrastructure
  • Conservation, agriculture, and reforestation
  • Energy communities
  • Environmental justice
  • Scientific integrity

Loads more to do of course, but we’re off to a pretty good start!


Two quick questions for you!

Emily, a student journalist and CS reader, asked me a simple but great question the other day:

How would you define a sustainability leader?

I have lots of initial ideas on this and an Indigenous concept comes to mind I’d like to research before organizing my thoughts.

But I’d also really like to hear all of your diverse and original thoughts and answers to this question first. So who’s up for a little crowdsourcing to come up with the strongest answer we can together?

Please share how you would define a sustainability leader in the Slack thread here or by replying to this email!

Also, I’m thinking of organizing a zoom for anyone who:

  • Wants help leveling up their climate impact.
  • Or wants to help others on their climate journey.

I’m specifically thinking of people who would like to start, or are already are, changing the places where they live or work, but open to all!

Would you like to join this virtual community get-together to learn, help each other out, and level up our collective impact?

(I’m open to other ideas/variations for group meetings as well – just want to continue increasing connection, collaboration, and impact in our community!)

Let me know what you think in slack or by replying to this email for one or both questions!

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