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by | December 27, 2019



There are so many wonderful and impressive people who get this newsletter. Every now and then someone shares a story about what a recent newsletter led to in their lives or the great things they’re working on.

Here are some I particularly like:

  • Deb, from South Carolina, is in the midst of rallying her coworkers and taking big steps to get her company to offer sustainable 401k options. When she succeeds, 50,000 co-workers will have fossil-free investment options. Additionally, the company that manages their investment options is hearing their clients asking for this…and they manage over $1 trillion.
  • Someone is working to get the massive utility they work for to make their zero-emission targets more ambitious.
  • Tricia and her friend started chatting about the newsletter at a neighborhood party. Their community is now figuring out what more they can do together – above and beyond individual actions.
  • Casey has called out his boss in group meetings multiple times now for saying global warming is a hoax when it’s freezing out.
  • Dan lives in Texas and drives 45 minutes to and from work every day. After reading about how to drive more efficiently, he’s made the easy change.
  • Nadia owns a cake shop in Bahrain. She’s trying to talk to her customers about these issues in ways that actually resonate and is starting to organize people in her region to act.
  • Before a meeting, Kim asked her co-workers, “Did you know the last 4 years have been the hottest on record?” This kicked off a good, unexpected conversation about global warming.

(Articles referenced: Why Sustainable Investing is a No-Brainer. And How to do it.How to Make Your Company SustainableCollective Consciousness and Climate: Change the StoryYes, Global Warming May be to Blame for These Winter ExtremesHypermiling: How to Drive More SustainablyClimate Change in 2019: Where Do We Stand?)

I know several of you (Ariel, Sarah, Emily, my climate reality folks!) have presented to your companies or communities about climate and sustainability. If anyone else wants to do this, feel free to re-use anything I’ve shared that you found useful. I’d also be happy to help 🙂

This newsletter and the info in it are also shared a lot. And hearing about these seemingly small moments of kick-started conversation on climate is always music to my ears.

To reverse global warming on the timeline mandated by science, more people must prioritize and act on this issue. When you do anything that is stepping in the right direction, you are helping more than you will ever know.

The world changes according to the way people see it, and if you alter, even but a millimeter the way people look at reality, then you can change it.” – James Baldwin

So thank you all for all the incredible ways you’re stepping up on this issue. Keep it up!

And if you have a story to share, please do – I’d love to hear it.

Connecting the community – what do you think?

There are now 900 of us from 55+ countries. And another 10,000 people are subscribed to the LinkedIn newsletters.

I’ve heard from many of you and know it’s long overdue – we need a shared space to connect! (my bad, I’ve been letting the perfect get in the way of the good…my social network for climate action + Wikipedia + collaborative tools + local events calendar will have to wait)

So, I have a few questions for you:

  1. What platform would you prefer to connect on? (Slack, Reddit, Facebook, LinkedIn, Basecamp, something else? Would you like to be able to comment at the bottom of these emails?)
  2. Why are you excited to connect with everyone?
  3. What are you hoping to share, learn, give and receive, in this community?

Answer as many as you’d like.

*And if you want to be an early participant (I may pilot this first), or take on a bigger role in helping to bring this community to life, let me know about that as well.*


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